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My name is Douglas J. Van der Heide, M.D. I am a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, practicing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I have dedicated more than 20 years of my life to helping people with psychological symptoms of depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, compulsions, feelings of low self-esteem, and their frequent somatic expression as sleep disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction and feelings of body inadequacy.

For those in need of good mental health care, access to quality psychotherapeutic help in the New York area has become more difficult than ever before. Traditional psychoanalytic approaches, grounded in theory and proven in practice, are frequently trivialized as popular culture rushes to embrace one magic remedy after another. Unfortunately the newest “quick fix” is, in fact, only quick; as the hidden mental pain of ordinary people lies well beyond the reach of such measures.

I know from both personal and professional experience that good psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can work miracles. This unique method of listening allows a highly trained clinician to hear the complex and powerful ways a person unknowingly repeats the patterns of the past. Inviting the patient to think, talk and self-reflect fosters a unique conversation and relationship which, while uncovering the secret driving forces of the mind, allows for real change and growth to occur.

Guilt and shame can make it difficult for many patients to allow themselves a happier, more satisfying life. But if you long for a better state of mind and are willing to work,  accept my invitation to you.

Here are a few key items about myself and my practice:

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Top 10 psychology clinics in New York, NY 2015

Congratulations to Douglas J. Van Der Heide’s Practice on being the on top Psychologist in New York ranking of 2015.
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  • I see patients in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Psychoanalysis is the most intense and effective dynamic treatment . Patients are seen four and five times per week.  Patients who opt for psychotherapy are encouraged to be seen at least twice a week.
  • I can be contacted at my office (212) 772-6443 or via email at (Vanderheidemd @ gmail.com). New patients are usually seen within the first 48 hours; sometimes the same day.
  • Payment is expected at the time of the initial visit. Major credit cards are accepted.
  • As part of every consultation, I will highlight the major issues as I understand them and discuss what is needed for real benefit or change to occur.
  • I provide any needed psychiatric medications. By nature I am not quick to prescribe but there are sometimes conditions that cannot wait for psychotherapy to ameliorate.
  • My fee is $325 per session, but fees are negotiable and based on individual circumstance and number of sessions per week.
  • If convenient and workable times for sessions cannot be found, I will refer patients to other high-caliber psychoanalysts and therapists in the New York area.
  • My office is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, off Madison Avenue, and is not easily accessible by wheelchair.